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23/52 MPNE principles, a decision-aide

MPNE, the Melanoma Patient Network Europe, is a group of volunteers united by the desire to make a difference in Melanoma, rather than by a single organisational form as described here or even a single shared interest: people care about the situation in Melanoma in different countries, about different types of Melanoma, the difficulties patients face in different stages of Melanoma or contribute a very specific type of technical expertise.

Based on personal preferences and skills, people also engage in different activities, from direct patient support over preparing submissions to HTA (Health Technology Assessment) bodies to reviewing research policies, more on this here.

At first sight, this might seem random- many different types of activities on many different topics. However, if one takes a step back- like from a mosaic that looks like random colourful pixels and only reveals the full picture at a distance- one recognises the recurrent patterns that define our community: focus on benefit to patients, solution-oriented, evidence-based and proactivity. To make it easier to share how our community makes decisions, we condensed them in the MPNE principles that effectively have become a decision-aide that helps to make decisions in situations of uncertainty.

MPNE principles

  1. patients first

  2. solutions, not problems

  3. data, not opinions

  4. if you don't do it, no one will.

that we have published with explanations and share in print-version, the full brochure is also available online here.

These are the principles in detail

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