MPNE 2022
over the edge

November 2023, Berlin


With the Covid situation slowly normalising, we are finally going back to face-to-face meetings. As we plan to have MPNE 2023 in its tried and tested format in March 2023, we thought we use autumn 2022 for something new!

The topic of our last MPNE conferences before COVID in 2018 and 2019 had been under the heading of 'at the edge'- focusing on the latest developments in Melanoma patients and advocates should be aware of as they affect patients. 

During our discussions at Bootcamp22 in Lisbon in May, the request for horizon-scanning was made. Science and policy are currently evolving rapidly and will affect also us in Melanoma- so how do we best prepare for this?

Over the Edge is therefore a new format- while our annual conferences look at what currently *is*, the point of Over the Edge is precisely to look at what might be- what are the developments we are seeing and how will this affect us in all likelihood? What can we as community do to ensure that patients are aware? Prepared? What can we do to shape the context around us so that it addresses the needs of patients? 

Who should attend? 

So this is a conference for anyone interested in thinking about the future, how general trends will affect us in Melanoma and how we can prepare- this will help us to plan MPNE 2023 as well. 

Program under development 



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full day

Program to come


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Program to come


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