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Work programs in MPNE bundle activities and initiatives around a certain interest or geography. 




With early stage Melanoma being treated with systemic therapies, strategies for effective early detection and risk stratification become essential. This group focuses on technology relevant to Early Stage Melanoma and we are very proud to be project partner in iTOBOS, a Horizon2020 project dedicated to the Early Detection of Melanoma and MELCAYA, a Horizon Europe project funded under the EU Cancer Mission. 



Work program for Rare Melanomas, with a dedicated facebook group that you can access here and bi-annual meetings, the last one in Berlin in October 2019. Our Horizon2020 projects UMCURE2020 on metastatic Uveal Melanoma and Share4Rare with particular focus on Rare Diseases ended in 2021. 



Regional programs


MPNCEE- Melanoma Patient Network Central and Eastern Europe

Work program on Melanoma in CEE, with a dedicated facebook group that you can access here and annual meetings.


Work program for Melanoma in the Nordic countries, with our first MPNEnordics conference in 2019. 

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Access to prevention, early detection and effective treatment in Melanoma across Europe.


Systematically address problems faced by the European Melanoma community in a constructive, result-oriented and evidence-based manner.


High-quality education, training and concepts so that Melanoma patients can actively shape their own care as well as the systems around them to the benefit of the entire Melanoma patient community- from research to policy.

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