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Melanoma is a cancer starting from melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells of the body. 

Often, Melanoma starts on the skin with a mole. However, we have melanocytes in many places of our body.

Melanoma can therefore also start in the eye, on the palms of our hand and soles of our feet or on any inner surface of the body.

When Melanoma is discovered at a stage when it has spread, it can become impossible to identify the place where it has started.

Mostly, it is adults how are diagnosed with Melanoma and many of them are quite young- but we sometimes also see Melanoma in children. 

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MPNE at a Glance

We are European Melanoma patients, carers and patient advocates. We want to see as many Melanoma patients survive as possible. We have therefore built a system of networks that allows us to bridge language barriers and share Melanoma knowledge reliably and fast across large geographies. We work according to local priorities but shared working principles- our MPNE principles.


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