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The 6th Annual Conference of the Melanoma Patient Network Europe. We decided that THE EDGE (last year's topic) was just the right place to be for us- so this will remain our Annual Conference's motto. 

The level of this conference is deliberately high and the angle unusual- the things you won't hear at other patient or medical conferences. What makes this conference also different is the attention we pay to education- we challenge speakers to present complex content in an accessible way- and are continuously developing and refining educational tools that help everyone follow. Nevertheless, this event requires motivation and participation- there is no short-cut to knowledge.



We like to test new formats, sessions and materials to make sure our conferences get better by the year.  As always, the focus is on the most burning Melanoma question: where do we loose our people to Melanoma? What are the last developments that could prevent that? And what can we do about it?


MPNE's Edge 2019 will broadly cover the areas of 


  • access- the best possible therapies are only effective if patients can actually access them. 

  • research- what are the area where we most desperately need more research? Expect resistance to therapies to be a topic. We we will also look at clinical research in a slightly broader perspective, namely through the eyes of those who evaluate it- good to know what to expect but also: do we agree? Do we disagree?

  • perspective- what Melanoma patients want is survival in the best quality of life possible, so it's never just about one therapy- it is about the right therapy in the right order, switching at the right point and always with a long-term perspective in mind. How do we get there?



Our network is continuously growing, connecting a growing number of Melanoma patients, family members and advocates. We are becoming more diverse in terms of geography, focus- with a growing group of rare Melanoma advocates- and interests- from the newly diagnosed to the long-term survivors. 

Like piloted in 2018, there will therefore be sessions for first-comers', intermediate and advanced interests. We do our utter-best to get new-comers up to speed while still having something challenging for those we lovingly call our 'dinos'!


We always invite the most suitable speakers for a certain topic, so you won't find political invitations. You will also note a growing number of MPNEhubs- those special people who connect national Melanoma networks across Europe- among our faculty members. You will be surprised at the expertise in our network!



We are looking for Melanoma patients, carers and advocates who want to learn as much as possible about Melanoma. The level of the conference is high- we believe that knowledge is a Melanoma patient's best chance to survive- and we expect participation throughout the event. If that's sounds scary, no worries, we don't bite. There will be lots of tools, resources, help and support available- we only expect you to make use of it!

Not quite you but still interested to attend? Please contact us. 


Conference participation is upon application only. 

First and foremost, we select based on motivation: so what do you hope to learn this time?

Then, we got one annual conference but we all know Melanoma does not only grow once a year. So we are looking for are people who are not only in it for themselves but who want to share their knowledge to protect the people around them. So tell us what you have done in the past, what you are currently doing and what you are planning to do in the future to keep Melanoma patients safe.




Accepted advocated will receive free registration and full-board accommodation for the 2 nights of the conference and at the conference venue. Extra nights are at participants' own expenses.

​Travel needs to be arranged for by participants themselves but will be reimbursed up to the maximum amount of €320 for economy/ 2nd class travel after full attendance of the conference. 

Please look for the best deals and keep the original receipts of your bookings. 

Don't want to travel alone? Use the MPNE facebook group to find fellow travellers! 

Cannot afford to pay ticket upfront? Please contact us.


No attendance, no receipt = no reimbursement. 

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